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  • Aditya


The sun arose bright and New, Memories untainted despite they’re Old, Life had lost its glory and its Hue, Secretly pining over thoughts Untold.Countless opportunities Await, No dearth of distractions to Evade, Relentless in effort to shoulder this Weight, Deceiving the world with a Masquerade.Even in moments of blissful Exhilaration, The heart prevailed over immortal Time, Failing to yield to Adaptation, Will this Pain last a Lifetime ?The sun arose with awareness Renewed, Acceptance was the key to Liberation, The heart and mind no longer at Feud, For Pain was the fuel to Creation.

Until you’re broken, you don’t know what you are made of. It gives you the ability to build yourself all over again, but STRONGER than ever. 

You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens ∼ Rumi

Carpe Diem!

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