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  • Aditya

A Single Click can Save You Money (NOT a clickbait)

‘ Would you like to receive our latest promotions for exclusive discounts ? ’ ‘ Sure ! Why not !? ’ ‘ Can you please share your email and telephone number ? ’

And now your personal information will be terribly abused, while you go through deleting every unwanted email or text message, and slowly lose control for having no idea where you revealed your personal information.

Be it a brick and mortar store or an online brand, the moment we notice a 15% discount only to sign up via email or text, we jump to grab it. While this move itself is fantastic to save some extra cash, there is a huge downside that we fail to recognize.

When you walked in to your favorite brand store to purchase those fancy new sneakers, all you wanted was a single pair of sneakers. Soon after your purchase, your email and text messages are flooded with daily discounts and promotional emails that sometimes allure you to get back in the store only to ‘ take a look ’, to end up spending more cash for things you never needed.

A few months ago, I received over 40 promotional emails from various vendors on a daily basis, and while on most days I would delete them all at once, there were also those slow paced monotonous days where I’d take a quick glance at what’s in store. This would lead to filling the empty corners of my apartment or require purchasing a dozen other clothes hangers. It was only after I started clearing out my apartment, did I realize the unnecessary garbage I possessed.

All because I forgot to click the UNSUBSCRIBE button !

‘ You’re joking, right ? How on earth is this going to save me money ? ’, you ask.

The truth is, that no matter what our age, and no matter how smart we become, our minds are gullible and easy to influence. How does it feel when you see those brightly colored emails with discounts written all over it under flashing stars, first thing in the morning ?

That one single glance influences your mind deeply all throughout the day, and whether you need something or not, there is an urge to see what’s out there. Internet marketing is an industry that is booming and conducting large amounts of consumer research in order to grab your attention.

Algorithms based on human behavior and psychology coupled with the right hour, minute and second of the day to send across that mass email and influence every consumer, has been a low-cost wonder for businesses, but can be a massive blunder for your bank account and financial health. It is called targeted marketing for a reason — because you my friend, are The Target !

Remember how you bought those cheap wireless headphones online and started seeing ads for bluetooth speakers and music subscription requests ?

That is how easy it is to trick the human mind and clicking the unsubscribe button can pull you slightly away from this internet marketing hypnosis. The end result — your wallet is heavier than yesterday and your financial stability is one step closer.

Don’t be lazy to manually click the unsubscribe button on all those unwanted promotions. Reply back with a capitalized STOP and be assertive of the fact that you will only wander into these stores when you truly have the need.

I hope this post has offered some insight into saving more money by avoiding being a target. While you hit the unsubscribe button and count your cash, please feel free to subscribe to my blog if you like the content. I promise to only promote the best information for you, for free of course 🙂

Be Frugal, Be Smart, Be Rich !

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