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Are You Doing What You Love?

Today I completed a month as a blogger, and although I’m still uncertain whether I should call myself a blogger, I feel a sense of pride and achievement in doing so.

Why am I smiling ear to ear you ask?

No, I did not break any records with the maximum number of views, likes, comments or followers – to be honest, I am not aware where the wall of fame is built. No, I did not receive awards or rewards for expressing my opinions and sharing my minuscule amount of knowledge with the world. No, I did not quit my day job to be a full time writer after making a million dollars on a single post. No, my family and friends have not thrown a huge party to celebrate a month anniversary for blogging – not even a small piece of cake!

Yet, I am smiling and I am content!

The simple reason being, I conquered a preconceived notion I built in my own head of being unable to write more than a single post and never sustain more than 24 hours as a blogger. I may not be the best blogger yet, but in my mind I have conquered a hurdle that only stood on the “I wish I could” list. Just like a bathroom singer, I was writing in stealth mode and preserving many more thoughts in a secret area of my mind, the key to which was awaiting a ‘suitable time’.

Before you start thinking why I am ranting away when I haven’t been the consequential blogger with the right to do so, I have a point to make. We often tend to hold off on the things we love to do the most for a future date. This future is our dream, the time when we wish to be deeply involved in things we enjoy most, the time when we can be ourselves to the fullest. The imagination is a pretty picture where you see yourself smiling ear to ear, just the way I see myself right now.

I dreamed of writing, just writing without consequence. But there were multiple things holding me back. The biggest one being a thought “Why would anybody wish to read what I have to say?” This thought which basically translates to a form of fear, resides among each one of us for anything we truly wish to do. There are various versions of this simple thought such as “I am probably not so knowledgeable” or “I’m really not such a great athlete” or “I’m probably not the right fit for this” and the most popular “I’m probably not lucky enough to do what I love”.

While you were busy hugging onto this fear, your ‘suitable time’ was quietly lurking away into darkness leaving you with nothing but regrets. Your suitable time is today, this very hour, this very moment! Grab that guitar and learn the tune you always wanted to play. Pack your suitcase and head for that long awaited trip. Join the social cause you vehemently talk about but fail to take any action. Stop telling yourself you have no time, because if you love something, you have to make time. Whatever you want to do, do it NOW!

Small changes in life do not always demand large sacrifices. Is it so hard to allot one hour from your busy lives to something you truly love and care about? I started writing, and no matter where it takes me, or how good or bad I may be, it certainly leaves me enthusiastic all day only knowing that my future isn’t an unknown date, but it is NOW!


Carpe Diem!

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