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Are You Taming your Monkey Mind?

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

You walk into the gym, completely focused on attaining that sculpted body, and your single minute plank suddenly feels like an eternity – it’s not just because planks are so darn hard to commit to, but because your monkey mind is eager to take you on a ride around the wormhole!

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This wormhole flashes your journeys highs and lows, worries and memories and your plan for the lifespan in a matter of seconds. It is the shortest film ever created with every division managed by a single person – YOU! You are the director, producer, actor, cinematographer, writer, designer and even the background score creator for the film you develop every single day.

But instead of making yourself Batman or Wonder Woman, you choose to be the novice henchman who breaks with a single neck twist. Even the background score you choose isn’t enough to make the heart thump in joy! Wake up because your monkey mind hasn’t brought you to the Oscars, but instead dragged you to a place where there is nothing but self-pity and sorrow.

Ah! Did your monkey mind just drift away to another tree again!? Get back here so we can work on curing its illness with these 4 simple methods:


The moment you hear the word ‘Meditation’, there is a sense of fear and lack of understanding associated with it. You do not need to sign up for a week long training spending hefty amounts of money to live in isolation on a secluded island to meditate. Wherever you are right now, at this very moment, close your eyes and take a deep breath and slowly release your breath. Do you feel it? That’s you, releasing your fears, worries and emotions in nothing more than a single breath!

Each time you notice your mind wandering away to dark places, close your eyes and release. The more you do it, the more conscious you are of your mind, slowly disabling that unstoppable chatter. Meditation is more about intention than technique – if you wish to be free, you must look for the exit and stop worrying about the speed limit!

2.  FEEL

There are times when meditation seems like a worthless effort, and no matter what you do, that monkey keeps finding new trees! During these times, feel these emotions through writing. Maintain a small journal and write down your thoughts in complete detail. Don’t worry about being the best novelist, but be bold in your writing and allow yourself to express to the fullest.

This will allow you to understand the root cause for your thoughts and enable you to take control the next time you begin to feel the same way. Question your thoughts and debate them and strive to reach the depth of it to completely eliminate it. Read out loud in order to gain complete awareness of your life story. If you want your film to be a blockbuster, the writing better be fantastic!


I’m still looking for that time travel machine, but until I find it, I have found an alternative source – BOOKS! There are millions of books on every single subject, some subjects you may not even imagine, but its out there. Grab a book and start reading, because books are the tiniest time machines that can drive our imagination from the eras of monarchy to liberal utopias. Remember reading Harry Potter and imagining yourself riding the broomstick in the game of Quidditch?

Reading will leave your mind in awe and allow you to explore your thinking at levels you previously never attained. It broadens your horizons and certainly makes you the intelligent and attractive soul in the room, having the unique ability to discuss a wide variety of topics. Escape your monkey mind with nothing but words of your chosen language!

4.  STOP

Can you stop time? Certainly not, but you can effectively experience this moment, the present moment, YOUR moment the way you choose. No matter where you are, what you do, whoever you are with, feel the present moment and cherish every aspect of it.

Stop and remind yourself about the beautiful screenplay you are writing each day and cherish your writing. Set reminders on your phone if you will, with your clock alarm buzzing every few minutes reminding you that you are here, and you are now! Open your arms to the limitless possibilities that are being restrained by your monkey mind and release your mind from the dark wormhole.

Carpe Diem!

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