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Don’t Become A Philosopher Until You’re Rich !

Don’t be Materialistic ! Money Won’t Buy You Happiness ! A Capitalist Society is simply Greedy !

While all these statements are essentially true in one way, it turns out these arguments have also become an excuse to continue living unproductively under the pretense of strong philosophical arguments.

Laziness is the outcome of Philosophical Misinterpretation !

Yes, I said it and while most of us fail to stand up against strong words of wisdom, it is because that truth is often scarier than fiction. Gaining wisdom is a time and experience dependent characteristic, which appears before you when the time is right. However, you won’t be able to survive until that time if you keep shielding your weaknesses behind the wisdom imparted by others.

Food, shelter and clothing and the three basic necessities of survival and to have your basic needs conquered you will need one single thing — MONEY. Money will never cease to exist in our lifetimes and the more you negatively label it, the further away you will be from it.

Here’s a simple question for you What do you feel when you see those financial elites roaming aboard fancy jets wearing expensive clothes and making global decisions for you and me ?

You desire and dream of having the power to make important decisions and change the world to be a better place. You want to stomp your feet so hard to create an indelible footprint on this planet and ensure your lifetime was not a wasteful endeavor. Why then did you cower down behind the thinking of others ?

No, I’m not saying we all need to start ignoring the sound advice philosophy never fails to offer, but on the contrary, we must adapt and encompass its teachings into our lifestyles to ensure the much needed stability life demands. Your survival depends on money, and while you strive hard to earn it, don’t lose sight of your own dreams. The abstract nature of philosophy often leads to thousands of interpretations, which, if gone wrong, can leave you with nothing but false satisfaction.

To better understand this idea simply ask yourself the following today :

Would you rather be rich and experience everything life has to offer or be poor and complain about the inadequacies of the world ?

Would you rather be rich and live comfortably to command your life or stay poor and let life shout random unexpected orders ?

The easy route here is to choose being poor because most often the questions are twisted in a manner like below

Would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy ?

The honest answer is we want both — Rich and Happy ! And who is to say that one can’t be happy when rich? Being rich isn’t winning the lottery, but requires a ton of hard work and dedication. It requires greater courage and strength than choosing to hide behind questionable interpretations.

Why shouldn’t you work hard, make your impact and enjoy every fruit of your hard earned money ? You owe it to yourself to provide yourself and your family the best of everything, and this my friend, requires a constant struggle.

Don’t give up so early because suddenly a wave of minimalist advocates came along to steer your journey towards ‘emptyland’. Being rich is not bad and when you see how many jobs and lives rich people have changed, you will need to think again. It is the rich who had the courage to make this world a better place — from your Uber ride to the cute bed and breakfast you found on AirBnB, it was the poor man who took the leap of faith to change their lifestyle and in this process changed the lives of millions.

The idea is to balance your survival — pay close attention to the simple living philosophies, but don’t give up on your dreams and desires because of it. If words can change your world, make sure you choose the right words and continue pursuing your dreams with all your heart. Greed to be the best version of yourself, is Good !


Carpe Diem !

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