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How to Stay Young Forever ?

Bumbling with joy, your happy feet guide you to witness one of your most anticipated tourist attractions on the planet — The Eiffel Tower. You gasp at the sight of this giant metal structure standing tall before your eyes and you want to capture every little element adorning the city of love. Clicking pictures, reading through the history, mesmerized by the beauty around you, your curiosity knows no bounds at this moment.

‘ Wow ! Such a majestic piece of art and I’m standing on top of it, inside the apartment of the architect Gustav Eiffel ’, you exclaim.

A year later you find yourself back under the same majestic structure that made your heart skip a beat, but the same moment can no longer be recreated. You no longer want to glean through its history, pose for the cameras or gasp in awe.

What happened ?

You lost that keen curiosity associated generally with a first-time event. A curiosity of uncovering the unknown mystery and finding immense joy, making you feel young and alive !

Growing Old begins with Losing Your Curiosity

Noticed how many questions a child asks during a day, sometimes leaving you dumbstruck forcing you to simply change the conversation with a trivial distraction ? That’s curiosity. That is the power of the unknown.

As we age, some of the most frequently used phrases in our vocabulary comprise the following –

  1. I know about this

  2. I’ve experienced it before, it doesn’t really excite me

  3. That again ! I’m bored of it already

  4. My hair didn’t become grey in the sunshine

You know that the earth is not flat, because you learned about it in school, but do you really know everything about it ? When you say I know, you are generally implying only having attained the information, which in turn translates to building your perspective. This perspective is what you hold on to very closely, never wanting to let go of it, because it quickly transforms into ego. Acquiring knowledge isn’t the same as acting on it.

How Do You Stay Young Forever ?

The secret to staying young forever is simple — BE CURIOUS !

The less you hold on to your perspective about every little thing around you, the more you open yourself to newer possibilities and ideas. A curious mind lacks the need to hold on to a singular idea, a particular way of life, a nationality or even a religion, opening the doors to avenues it could never have traveled before.

Curiosity is what prevents life from transforming into a humdrum monotonous routine and keeps it charged forever with eager anticipation, bringing the happy smile on your face. Curiosity begets Happiness and Happiness keeps you Young Forever !

Easier said than done right ?

Try one simple thing today for yourself

Do one thing you dislike or hate today that you often outright reject when mentioned

  1. If you hate running, run for a while

  2. Find biographies boring to read? Grab one !

  3. Annoyed with the music next door – dance to it !

  4. Know everything about your job ? Talk to a colleague who inspires you and you’ll be surprised to learn one new thing.

It could be anything, but do something by dropping your preconceived notions and let there be a curious urge around it. This curiosity to always know and learn more keeps you alive turning your life into the dreamy fantastical adventure you desire.

Staying young is as easy as being Curious George 🙂

Carpe Diem !

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