• Aditya

I am a Mandala

An innocent Child  growing into a Man, A journey of Evolution, A natural Phenomena, Physicality is a Mandala.Emotions in Abundance, Rising in Love, Only to Fall, A Mercurial Drama, The Heart is a Mandala.Choices to Baffle, Time conquered Memories, Sharpness of the Mind, Like the sparkle in Cola, Intellect is a Mandala.A jar wrapped in Silk, Holding the Fragments, of a colorful Identity, Disappearing into a Nebula, FOR I AM A MANDALA

Buddhist Monks creating the Sand Mandala

The Sand Mandala is a Tibetan Buddhist tradition of creating a design representing the cosmos. Once this beautiful design is created, it is dismantled to symbolize the ephemeral nature of our existence.

Nothing is permanent — whether it is the temporary nature of our physicality or the fickle nature of our heart and mind.

Live THIS Moment before it becomes History.

Carpe Diem !

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