• Aditya


When the world pinpoints every Flaw, Destroying every ounce of Ambition, She thwarts every judgement with Guffaw, Rekindling a fire within like a Magician.An abundance of delightful Cuisines, Lights, music, what an Atmosphere, Unmatched to the simplicity of her Beans, No ambiance, yet so Dear.A global footprint to Parade, Mountains, beaches, what’s the next Place? Sleepless until safety was Conveyed, Her world residing in merely a Face.Conquering every assignment, a solo Star, Virtues unparalleled, is she Human ? An infinite Heart, almost Bizarre, A MOTHER or a living Superwoman.

Why wait for Mother’s Day to appreciate the abundance of unconditional love radiating from the most important person in your life ?

A few words can never justify what Mothers do, but this one is for you Ma 🙂 Love You Ma, you are my world !

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