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Motivation Does Not Last Very Long, But Neither Does Bathing

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Friend : ‘ Don’t people get bored of just reading and watching motivational stuff at some point ? It isn’t possible to stay motivated each day ! ’ Me : ‘ I’m sure they do. Motivation does not last very long, but neither does bathing. Therefore it is recommended daily ! ’

Losing focus and motivation is as easy as losing your new years resolution to sculpt yourself a six pack and live happily with a bulging family pack instead. But it does not mean one should stop trying to seek motivation.

If you’ve ever attended any self-help or motivational seminar, you are familiar with the boost of energy with which you walk out of the auditorium. But strangely you are back to your whining the very next day, losing every ounce of motivation you gathered after spending all that money on a seminar. It is because the seminar is a camouflage, much like the deodorant you use when you don’t bathe 😛

I attended a 2 day seminar only a month ago, and while all the attendees promised to get in touch a month later at the time, to discuss how well they did after writing all those beautiful goals for themselves, nobody showed up ! Yes, no phone calls, no emails, no positive outlook success plan. It was almost as if all that talk had vanished into thin air !

How To Stay Motivated Every Single Day ?

Do you feel motivated when you are sick ? When you have the flu ? Or when your head is screaming MIGRAINE in a high pitched tone, making you want to transform yourself into a burrito ?

The truth is motivation is a product of your environment — this does not imply you need to be in a motivational Ted talk every day of your life. Your mind that seeks motivation, resides in a body, and this body is your environment. You will be mentally energized only if you are feeling energized physically !

The #1 Way to Stay Motivated Every Single Day is to be Physically Energized

You don’t have to enroll in a boot camp workout, turn yourself into Hulk or spend hours at the gym flexing your muscles in order to achieve your goals. Here’s 3 simple things to keep your energy levels maximized and stay motivated everyday :

1.  Sleep

Most people tend to associate good sleep to the number of hours and according to various articles one should be getting at least 8 hours of shut-eye. However, you are the boss over your mind and body and know exactly how much you need to power through your busy days. Personally, I can manage with 6 hours without feeling jaded all day.

  1. Put your phones and gadgets on do not disturb at night

  2. Don’t drink water immediately before bed

  3. Avoid starchy foods 

  4. Eat your dinner by 7 pm

Focus on the quality of sleep, not the quantity.

Let nothing disturb your quality sleep

2.  Stop Skipping Meals

Early morning meeting, no time for breakfast ! Deadlines approaching, grab a sandwich for lunch Oh how much I love that XL Pizza for dinner 🙂

It’s grueling to manage your work and take care of your health when your boss is breathing down your neck awaiting that silly excel report you never wished to create in the first place. But, skipping meals or eating irregularly can cause massive mood swings resulting in a grumpy you !

If you find yourself grabbing any food to keep yourself fueled during your day, sign up for a diet plan fitting your needs. This way you won’t reach out for that onion bagel just because you felt the munchies on the go. Vegetarian, keto, vegan, paleo, weight watchers – whatever you like amid the variety of healthier options, go for it, but do not skip !

Oh and don’t forget to drink plenty of water all day 🙂

3.  Exercise

There’s literally thousands of different kinds of workouts available today, and if you can’t pick even a single one from them, I’m going to assume you have been super glued to your couch.

A brisk walk, a slow jog, a quick sprint, ditch the elevator, 10 squats at your desk, grab those resistance bands . . Phew ! But START MOVING !

Just Keep Moving 

Exercise every single day in order to release all the cortisol you keep building throughout your day. It is hard to begin with, let alone maintain a routine, but stick to it for 2 weeks and I promise you will have a hard time quitting it in your third week. Simply because, it feels fantastic, and it has no side effects !

Whether you are fighting for the corner office at work, studying for your medical entrance exams or simply trying to figure out your sense of self, keep yourself mentally motivated each day by focusing on your body.

Much like bathing, it is your duty to keep yourself motivated every day.

Eat, Sleep, Exercise & Repeat !

Carpe Diem !

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