• Aditya

Musings of the Dreamer

A dream can sometimes project varied emotions from the subconscious, giving birth to expression through poetry.

With the onset of Darkness, The mind unearths a Harness.A soothing lullaby casts away the Unspeakable, Embarking on a journey, Untraceable.Ascending towards unattainable Pinnacles, Making it astonishingly Mystical.Courageously cruising over the Oceans, Undeterred by negative Emotions.The heart sways graciously like a Dove, Unfortified, Thoughtless and full of Love.A Fantasy erupting from the Heart’s Charcoal, Unifying the Mind, the Body and the Soul.Emerging from a state categorized Paralytical, The heart experienced Love, Unconditional.

Carpe Diem !

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