• Aditya


A tiny droplet falling Aimlessly, The skies withering away its Pain, Losing its existence Lifelessly, The purpose was lost to Sustain.A ray of hope striving to Permeate, Relentless in its effort to Save, A purpose higher than earthly Fate, To break free from being Enslaved.A Refraction of varied Thoughts, Dispersing for a Brighter Cause, An acceptance to connect the Dots, Rising above all notions and Laws.Reflecting a unity through Diversity, Generating awe beneath its Glow, Purging from every Perversity, Shining in glory like a Rainbow.

It is the unity in humanity that creates a rainbow, else we all are nothing but tiny droplets cruising through life without a purpose. The Light of Wisdom resides among each one of us, that when combined, creates a beautiful Rainbow.

The bigger question is —

Do you realize we all come from the same light?

Carpe Diem!

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