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Realism is Your Biggest USP – How I reached over 25K views within 6 Months of Blogging

25,000 Page Views ! 😮

You : ‘ Would you be kind enough to share some tips of how you attained that number ? ’ Me : ‘ Absolutely. I wrote articles consistently and frequently,            Promoted my content across various social media platforms,            Engaged with fellow bloggers            and …. ’ You (rolling your eyes) : ‘ Please tell me something I haven’t heard before ! ’

In my blog post ‘What I Learned After 4 Months of Blogging’, I have expressed this redundancy with respect to tips offered towards acquiring that gold medal of being the best blogger out there, including all the technicalities and fake blog traffic generators available at your disposal. While improving your blog’s indexing and doing a keyword research are essential elements towards growth, it is NOT your only move !

Realism, in all its forms, is your Biggest Unique Selling Point(USP) !

Whether you are a blogger who shares lifestyle hacks, or someone who strives to improve the health of every reader, or offers inspiration to fight every challenge in life or simply write to share your daily musings — keep it REAL !

In the last 6 months of writing this blog, I may not have surpassed the biggest numbers to be called successful, but the one thing I have learned is that realism is an attractive quality. Whatever you write, attaching your real personal experience to it is like adding a midas touch to your blog.

Would you read a blog on 5 Things to do in Iceland that you could easily find on the Iceland tourism website OR would you rather read How I nearly escaped a windstorm to view some of the greatest wonders Iceland has to offer ?

A personal story encapsulates the mind and if every article you write is a laundry list of items or things to do, believe me, it is boring ! A ton of people agreed with the sentiment of starting their blog to share and contribute in a minute way to the problems we face in our daily lives, but get caught up with the how to’s and tips and tricks.

If everybody is implementing the same tricks, how is it that you still struggle to conquer those numbers ?

It is relatively easy to list out some of the things to do in order to stay healthy: Eat a healthy diet, workout at least 4 times a week, Avoid carbs, Shock your body . . However, wouldn’t it be better to include every reader in your journey of being the fittest version ? To share how avoiding carbs made you sick to the stomach looking at those pizza slices you deeply craved, how that 5 minute plank workout was filled with excruciating pain, but the end result of avoiding it was a fabulous six pack! Blogging is about sharing your perceptions and truly expressing how you feel in the challenges you face. And no, there is no harm in showcasing your failures or weaknesses, because that is what being real entails.

You’ve often heard this common form of consolation ‘ You are not Alone ’. This is exactly what your writing demands — to engulf the reader where they never feel alone. I will speak as a reader and I wish to be included as a part of your journey, which is completely unique from all others. Even if we both have visited the Eiffel Tower, each of us has a different story to tell, but I wish to live your story through your words !

6 Months of consistency and dedication in this journey of writing, and I wish to thank each and everyone who has visited my blog, read all my posts or even a few words of a single post, liked, commented or simply lurked around my site — A very Big THANK YOU TO EVERYONE !

I may be completely wrong and may have absolutely no clue about what I’m talking according to some of the famous blogging experts, but this is MY view, and it is truly and really how I feel.

Because that Realism, is My USP !

Carpe Diem !

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