• Aditya

The Immigrant

A teary farewell at the Airport, Fake ‘good’bye’s from heavy Hearts, Bags filled with memories from the Past, Cruising over the seven Seas, A new journey with emotions Galore.A land promising a colorful Future, fulfilling every need and Desire, In exchange of a simple Contract, Unlearn the ways of the land I Belong, For I am the square peg in the round Hole.Burning the midnight Oil, Stale bread and a cuppa Noodles, Celebrating festivals through a tiny Screen, a fake smile masking every Tear, Where’s the silver lining amid the Toil ?Oh how the hard work has Flourished, certified successful as defined by Society, smiling at the acquired Possessions, Realizing the emotionless state of materials, I am now the Round peg without a Soul.


While the term global citizen is frequently used by millions who live abroad, how meaningful is this term really ?

Is there genuine acceptance of thought, culture, race, sex, religion, beliefs or is it merely disregarded based on one’s nationality ?

While it’s a beautiful experience when one moves across the seven seas to learn and adapt to new ways of living, but it sometimes also entails a complete unlearning of the past.

Let’s stop the labeling and try to live in a world where borders exist only for the Maps, not for the Hearts !

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