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The Versatile Blogger Award

Life is about being a Versatile Athlete and Training in all Realms of Life ∼ Ray Lewis

I am deeply grateful to have received 2 nominations for The Versatile Blogger Award and be recognized for a characteristic that many consider a drawback with respect to blogging. I was advised to stick to a niche to be a successful blogger, but 2 nominations definitely put that in perspective 😉


If you want to learn how to create an aesthetic website that viewers would love coming back to, here’s presenting Sabrina with a drum-roll. She has recently begun her blogging journey at The In Between Traveller and if you want cool travel tips, managing your work and life or simply wish to be awestruck with the beauty the world has to offer through her pictures, go check it out now !

Ami is a true survivor and has a golden heart to go out there and help others in need. On the quirky side, she was also a paranormal investigator and if you’re someone who loves anything that’s spooky, go check her out at Ami Urban.

Again, thank you both for this nomination !


1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Link to the blog of the person who nominated you.

3. Unveil seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate other bloggers that bring joy into your daily life.

So it looks like I have to reveal 7 dirty secrets to get this award, huh ? Here goes !

1. I Enjoy being by Myself.

Being alone has taught me more than anything ever did, and if you think you need to nudge me out of it to visit that cool club you found down the street, don’t !

2.  I Can’t Work after Lunch

I’m a morning person, wake up everyday at 6 am regardless of what time I sleep and usually try to wrap up all my work before lunch. Lunch, as opposed to offering me that energy boost, only makes me want to sleep ! But I hustle through somehow 😉

3.  I’m a Minimalist

I hate shopping for myself ! Such a surprise for a guy, you’re thinking, right ? 😛 I can pretty much live my entire life with very few things that I need, without ever being bothered about what others have or think about me.

4.  I Love History

I have secretly wished for a time machine that would allow me to witness various events from the past. There is a mysterious unexplored element of the human mind within history that never fails to excite me.

5.  I Hate Media Propaganda

I have a hard time believing everything we see daily on the news today. While most of it is negative, it is also usually extremely biased and divisive. The world is falsely portrayed as a far more negative place by the media, blurring the positive reality we all need in our everyday lives.

6.  My Family First

This may be a cliche, but I am deeply connected to my family. I have been living away from my family for a decade, but I haven’t failed to call them at least once a day during this entire time. I love Skype 🙂

7.  Weak without Sweets

I have a sweet tooth and I need something sweet after every meal – there’s the reason I couldn’t stick to any diet plan ever ! If you plan to visit me someday, don’t forget to bring in some Tiramisu. PS : I won’t share !


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