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  • Aditya

Who Am I ?

Who Am I ?Defined by Occupation, Or branded by Designation, Is my identity beyond my Workstation ?Relationships Galore, Friend, son, lover, even a Mentor, Transiting perceptions, is there More ?Worshiping a higher Power, A Temple, a Mosque or a Church Tower, Labeled for my faith of the Hour ?A mirror unraveling my Quest, Permeating through the mind Possessed, Finding my true self Unsuppressed.Who Am I ? A Flowing Potential

The universe exists in a state of flowing potential, and we are all a part of this universe. We hold an amalgamation of identities in our lifetime – a child, an employee or a Hindu.

Instead of identifying yourself with labels denoted by society, identify yourself as a flowing potential that learns, grows, produces and even unlearns to begin another journey to go with the flow of its potential.

Carpe Diem !

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