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You are a Musk Deer in Search of Your Own Scent

Looking left, looking right, gazing far ahead into the horizon, the musk deer kept walking tirelessly in pursuit of the unknown. Struggling to protect itself from predators of all kinds, while clueless of its own worth, the musk deer departed into nothingness.

That’s you. Me. Everyone you know. Everyone, everywhere.

One of the most endangered species on our planet today, the musk deer is known for producing the most expensive scent in the world, also known as Kasturi in Ayurveda. The scent is produced in a small hairy pouch known as a musk pod, which is what makes it highly valuable in the eyes of the world. To put this in perspective, a 3ml bottle of original musk deer scent can cost a whopping $40!

The deer is so enchanted by its own fragrance, it often roams for miles to discover the source of its own beauty. It looks externally for an answer, and often destroys the musk pod in the process. The pod even reappears over time, but the deer is completely unaware and unappreciative of the truth that resides within.

While the story of the deer ends without realization, its worth and essence is passed along all around the globe. No, I’m not provoking you to gather your hunting equipment in search of this beautiful animal. The point here is that often times we fail to recognize the musk pods we cultivate during our lifetime.

Throughout our lives we seek motivation and inspiration from the outside world, while running far away from the most powerful inner inspiration. Whether you are trying to switch careers, finding your passion or seeking your purpose — you will be looking for the answer between the pages of bestselling books, most followed motivational speakers or amid crowded meditation sessions inhaling the exhaled.

The answer to you has always been OUT there. In search of an answer, you quash your instincts to the floor each time they try to surface, failing to trust and believe in yourself, but entrusting an unknown entity with your life’s decisions. While the deer is unfortunate for not having the ability to think, you are not!

Think for yourself, question yourself and your beliefs and most importantly believe in yourself before you walk out the door to hand over your life to be hanging around on fragile threads like a puppet doll. The musk deer is an inspiration to pursue what we desire the most, with absolute purity and innocence in heart, unobstructed by worldly elements.

You are the musk deer with an upper hand bestowed with magnificent intellect to separate the truth from an illusion. The truth of your scent has always, is and will always be within you, waiting for you to conquer the worldly illusions and discover that unique fragrance.

Your Truth is unique and under no circumstances can it be defined by the perception of another. Your entire journey demands you to find your self worth and make yourself the most expensive fragrance, but that won’t happen when it is outlined by a step by step guide from the famous book in the spider web filled aisle of the library.

Look within to Look Beyond !

I hope you discover your scent and fascinate the world with your fragrance.

Carpe Diem !

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